Jeff Krushell
President of
Human Sports Performance®



“During my career in Sports Performance & Physiology, I have been privileged to be working at the highest levels in the Professional Sports Performance industry. For the last 17-years, I have trained world-class athletes in the fields of baseball, football, hockey and other sports.

The development of a successful sports performance program is based on ones knowledge of the human body and its complex mechanisms.

Training elite athletes requires a full understanding of biochemistry, sports nutrition, physiology, and the human element. Athletes demand results, and they want results fast . . . their entire career depends on it, and they are trusting us to deliver.

The only way to lead athletes away from the dark-side of drugs and illegal banned substances, is to offer them an alternative. I have spent my entire career researching and perfecting drug-free systems in every sport, that provides athletes with the keys to maximum performance.

As President of Human Sports Performance®, I have incorporated these proven techniques into a usable system that delivers maximum results.

Human Sports Performance® (HSP) is dedicated to upholding the integrity of drug-free sports. In order to accomplish this, the HSP Programs are constantly upgraded, including the exploration and integration of the very latest science.

Combining hard-core science with state-of-the-art nutritional practices and rock-solid-training, provides a successful environment for athletes and upcoming-athletes.

Utilizing these advanced protocols allows athletes to experience levels of performance otherwise impossible to obtain, without the use of banned, illegal-performance-enhancing substances.

Human Sports Performance® is dedicated to the study and research of human biochemistry and physiology with the goal of eliminating the use of dangerous and illegal banned substances that endanger the health of the athlete and the integrity of sports.

Jeff Krushell, B.A., CSCS
B.A. Physical Education, University of Calgary
President of Human Sports Performance®
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
NSCA Certified



The Human Sports Performance® Program involves working one-on-one with professional athletes, as well as up-and-coming athletes. For the past 15-years, this program has been so successful that we are booked for 2- years in advance.


The Human Sports Performance® Research Project has consistently been recognized as cutting-edge in the field of sport biochemistry. This program devotes staff and funding for research and development in sport nutrition, sports medicine, supplementation, and strength and conditioning science.


Sport supplements that have been duly submitted to HSP, and have passed the strict protocols for acceptable sports supplements, are licensed to display the Human Sport Performance® Seal of Approval, which validates that the supplement meets and/or exceeds all WADA and IOC guidelines for use in sports.


Strength and Conditioning Consultant
Major League Baseball International, Game Development

2003 - Present

Major League Baseball (MLB) International: Responsible for creating and overseeing the Strength and Development program for all MLB Academy programs helping to develop baseball worldwide

Development of baseball performance programs for MLB International: Canada, South Africa, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, France, USA and China; International teaching seminars, coaching conferences and player development programs all around the globe

Baseball Canada
Strength and Conditioning Coach
1998- Present

For the last 12 years, Jeff Krushell has helped develop the Baseball Canada program, as well as developing the Canadian Junior National Team program, and teaching/lecturing at coaching conferences nation wide, including the annual Mizuno Elite Development Camp.

Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto, Canada
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach & Coordinator
1998 - 2003

In 1997, Jeff Krushell attended his first spring training with the Toronto Blue Jays, and in 1998 was offered a position allowing him to dedicate all of his efforts to the organization, as the minor league strength and conditioning coordinator.
Jeff was then promoted to Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the entire organization of the Toronto Blue Jays.
After stepping down from the full time commitment to the Blue Jays in the spring of 2003, Jeff still stays in regular contact with the team and visits them in Toronto and at the minor league training complex in Dunedin Florida, once or twice a year.

Vauxhall Academy of Baseball
Strength and Conditioning Coach
2006- Present

Coordinate and oversee the strength and conditioning program for the Vauxhall Academy of Baseball, where in 4 short years, 40+ players have received college scholarships and eight players have been drafted into professional baseball

Krush Sports Performance
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Owner and CEO
2003 - Present

Strength and conditioning programs for NHL players, agents and teams, assisting with the Oilers Rookie Camp and team testing
University of Alberta Golden Bears Football team - overseeing the performance programs for the Canadian Football League’s Edmonton Eskimos
Working with a select number of professional and developing athletes, as well as elite organizations in a number of different sports all over the world

Krush Sports Performance Radio
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
2006 – Present

Since 2004 Jeff Krushell has produced and hosted the Krush Sports Performance Radio Show which airs on the Team 1260 Sports Radio in Edmonton, Alberta.

The weekly show and daily two minute features cover every angle and all of the hot topics in the sport performance and athletic development industry

Krush Sports Performance represents a trusted source of information in the field of sports performance and athletic development addressing the latest trends and research, and helping the sports community to reach its maximum potential

University of Calgary 1994
Bachelor of Physical Education (Kinesiology)
Specialties in Exercise Physiology, Human Anatomy, Motor Learning, Psychology, Sport Nutrition and Recovery and Regeneration

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with the NSCA since 1994 - lecturer at the NSCA annual National Conference for Sport Performance Science
Strength and Conditioning Coach - University of Calgary
Strength and Conditioning Specialist - Royal Glenora Club, Edmonton, Alberta

Director of Athletic Development: Edmonton Sport Institute, Edmonton, Alberta

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